What will happen to Art, now that AI entered the Art scene?

The images below are attributed to an original AI image generator through the Midjourney Beta project on Discord. 

What do you think of Rembrandt's philosopher reading? It's one of my favorite paintings. 

Well, I created an experiment to see what exactly an AI can create through the translation of my text input into the app. Given only my literal and description the bot generated 4 images literally translating "a philosopher reading in bed next to a lamp on the night stand". The resemblance to the original was eerily closer than I expected. The color and and shadows make up for what the images lack in human facial features. The end piece wasn't terrible, but in a way I think it is av vanguard both programmatically and emotionally (I was very excited to participate in the Beta).   

A library full of animals

"Looking out the window at a plumeria tree"

With the advent of what has become a well known and popular site. It takes about 60 seconds for your image to be rendered. You can increase the resolution and use keywords like gothic, modern, or futuristic; several requests used words like Van Gogh Style (with results resembling starry night).

The newbies who join get 25 free images, after that you must pick up a paid subscription.

Given my infatuation with digital art I'm very excited, while others may view this as a loss, I instead see this as an opportunity to revel in a new era of digital automation.

Looking to see what artists think? Well here are some links: